HINTS, TIPS & Frequently asked questions

There is one question that is frequently asked regardless of what I am doing to anyone’s car.....The answer is "tea, milk and two sugars please!”
First things first, please don’t do any of the following: 
 Go to an automatic carwash 
Use a manual car wash with a brush
Just take a bucket full of soapy water and sponge the dirt off your car.
Right, now I’ve got that out of the way! 
Standard basic home wash - what you will need: 
Hose (connected to a water supply) - or a pressure washer 
Car wash shampoo or wash’n’wax (not dishwashing detergent) 
Two buckets or bowls, one filled with water and one with the correct mixture of car cleaning detergent (follow instructions on bottle)
A wash mitt 
A chamois or drying cloth 
A dirty car 
Ensure you are not washing in direct sunlight or on a hot day! 
Hose down the car, using the most powerful setting on your hose or standard setting on a pressure washer. 
Blast the wheels first of all and underneath the arches. 
Now blast the car from top to bottom to remove loose dirt, dust and grit. 
wring out your mitt, dip it in the clean water and swirl it around, take it out, and wring out again (make sure none of the water goes back in either bucket). If the water you are wringing out is really dirty, repeat. and from this point onwards, every time you need to wet your mitt, always do this.
Dip your mitt into soap bucket after the mit rinse and before every area clean.
Generally, when cleaning it is best to work from top to bottom, keeping in mind that the dirtier the area, the later in the clean you should do it - this prevents the dirtiest of the water going on the cleanest parts of the car. 
Clean the roof and windows of the car first. 
Once these areas are done, rinse and dip
Now do the bonnet and upper half of all panels of the car (inc boot lid if you have a boot).  - rinsing and dipping as you feel necessary.
Now the lower half of the car, the wheel and tyres.Blast off the car with the hose or pressure washer working from the top down. 
Dry the car with a cloth or chamois to ensure the water does not dry on the car.
What is a sealant or paint protection system? A paint protection system or sealant is a synthetic polymer coating that seals and smooths the paintwork protecting it from the elements for at least 3 years. 
I see lots of sealants for sale, are they all the same? The American market call a lot of their synthetic waxes sealants, these will only last around 5 months generally.
Would washing my car weekly and waxing it every 3 months do the same thing as Chamois Shield? Yes, you may start off with good intentions, but after 3 years, do you still see yourself cleaning and waxing the car on a regular basis...
The blurb says I don’t need to wax my car again? This is a bit of a broad statement, but once you have had the paint protection system, and as long as the car is washed on a regular basis with a good quality car shampoo, the wax protection of the sealent is enough to protect your car.  However it is only providing the protection of wax,  if you have acquired head scratches, or want water to bead off, then you may need to wax, polish or apply a rinse aid product such as Demons Shine.
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