These disclaimers support the policy of being transparent and are meant to promote a better understanding with customers. 
  • Customers are requested to clear their personal items from their vehicle before appointments.  Chamois Shine will not be held responsible for any lost items.
  • Child car seat(s) should be removed prior to the appointment. Chamois Shine will not be responsible for replacing/installing back.
  • Chamois Shine normally does not clean the inside of van cargo areas as they are normally in use. If cleaning of this area is required, it is available as an optional extra and would need to be emptied prior to the appointment. 
  • Chamois Shine is not liable or responsible for malfunction or breakage of any of the vehicle’s mechanical/ electrical/electronic components. Every care is taken to minimise risk to components.
  • We ask our customers to identify and point out any components or parts that are loose or broken or about to fail. If we find defective materials or loose-fitting parts whilst cleaning, the customer will be advised.
  • Chamois Shine will not be responsible to charge or replace weak/dead batteries. Leaving doors open during the cleaning process can drain a battery. Customers need to ensure their battery is in proper working condition.