iwitness digital dashcam

Car accidents are costly and time consuming, even when it isn’t your fault. Introducing the new iWitness Digital DashCam... your own personal eyewitness! Drive safe in the knowledge that just behind your rear-view mirror is a small discreet video camera, constantly recording everything in front of you. Whilst driving, iWitness records in a continuous loop... automatically... safely storing recordings if it detects a bump or jolt using its ‘Shock Sensor’. In addition, press the ‘Keep’ button for manual recording of events.
iWitness provides you with instant evidence, supporting insurance claims to help prove an incident was not your fault. Some insurance companies will actually lower your premium where a dash-cam is installed. Discreet at less than 3 inches in length and recording in HiDefinition, it records onto memory cards that can be played back on most modern laptops, computers and other media devices. The iWitness Digital DashCam are supplied fully fitted with a 1-year parts and labour warranty.
Our installations include a shock sensor camera activator. If a bump or vibration is detected when your car is parked, the camera will automatically activate for 1 minute.
Our Cameras are now upgradable to have GPS and speed recording, this upgrade is £40

iwitness price list

Dash-cam front camera
 shock sensor & park guard 

170 degree wide angle 6 glass lens
1080p HD video resolution. 2" TFT Screen.  Price includes camera, fitting, 32GB class 10 endurance SD card, and a 1-year parts and labour warranty.
As per witness standard but with an additional rear 720p camera that can be mounted inside or outside vehicle.

Price includes front and rear camera, fitting, 32GB class 10 endurance SD card, and a 1-year parts and labour warranty. 
iwitness Premium
A range of cameras with enhanced features such as 4K UHD recording, WiFi access, mobile phone app support,  remote snapshot buttons, larger storage and other customisable options.

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