chamois shield protection system
This system is a complete protection system for your car, covering the following:
Paintwork - A nano-technology based synthetic polymer coating that seals your paintwork offering wax like protection for several years.
Glass - A water repellent coating of exterior glass surfaces (excluding windscreen).
Fabric/leather - A water repellent coating that gives you time to mop up any spills before they soak in and stain.
Alloys - A dirt repellent coating that prevents brake dust sticking.
Local dealerships offer this treatment too... for far more! For example, my customers have been given quotes by Audi £399, Lexus £499, Nissan £299. And, in most cases, paintwork and fabric protection is only offered.
From £200 for application to a car of less than 3 months old, you are getting far more value! 

Prior to treatment the car will need to be cleaned and if necessary, tar removal, a machine polish and seat shampoo at our regular prices.