the DARK MATTER detail

WARNING! Dark Matter can be extremely addictive...


Dark cars look fantastic when clean, but have the downside that they show every imperfection. The hedge scratches, holograms, oxidisation and dullness that are hidden on lighter cars such as silver can make the car look tired, even when it is clean.

Waxing the car can help; using a tinted wax will even hide some of the lighter imperfections - but that is all it does... Hide! A few weeks later when the wax starts to break down, there they are again, especially on a sunny day. 

As the owner of a dark car, I wanted to find a way of making my car look fantastic without the time and expense of a full 'detail'. After several months experimenting with a plethora of ‘detailing’ techniques, tools and products, I hit upon the right combination to make dark cars look excellent in just a few hours, by using the products that make the most difference for their price. I call it Dark Matter because how a dark car looks...... matters! 

Not only will your car look fantastic when completed, it will stay looking cleaner for longer and the finish will be easier to maintain for the coming months with a basic car care routine.


So how are such astonishing results achieved?
Stage 1: Thorough clean of car bodywork, wheels and glass, removing dirt, wax build-up, tar and brake dust. 
Stage 2: Clay-bar windscreen, body panels and wheels where necessary, removing fallout and other impurities. 
Stage 3: Shampoo and rinse car to remove clay residue. 
Stage 4: Two-stage machine polish to permanently remove or drastically reduce hedge scratches, holograms/cobwebs, birdlime shadows and oxidisation - this process leaves the paint work smooth and shiny, but without any wax protection. 
Stage 5: Shampoo and rinse and dry to remove polish residue. 
Stage 6: Synthetic wax to enhance the shine and durability of the finish. 
Stage 7: Tinted wax to add depth. 
Stage 8: Premium hard wax to add wetness. 
Stage 9: Alloy protector applied to wheels to enhance shine and protect. 
Stage 10: Dress plastics and tyres to complete the ’Dark Matter’ transformation! 
This process can take a full day. All this from only £300 is almost as unbelievable as the ‘shine on your car’!